The Mountain Cathedral;


im in a really bad spot rn and food is really scarce and its a long story i dont want to force anyone to scroll through, so

i’m taking comms for a bit, but nothing too big because i really would rather not push myself too much on big pieces under stress

the most i’ll go is waist-up for now so please donut ask for more, i will be willing to do more at a later time, ye

15 usd for quick bust sketches with color, can refine them and do other stuff if paid extra




(last one is a lot more finished and also a waist-up, obvs more expensive but im low on examples. dont really have an actual price for stuff like that rn but depends on complexity, talk it out w/ me if youre interested i suppose)

i will also be more than willing to do whatever you want if you get me a dominos gift card or s/t, holy shit

donations are also accepted

paypal is oboon@live.com

fanmail/send me asks/submissions if interested, also my skype is parrotmcshades and my steam is here if you want to work stuff out through those

im willing to draw pretty much anything, anthros included


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Chancel and surrounding area of Ely Cathedral. Whilst the nave and transepts are in Romanesque style (11th and 12th century), the chancel is clearly Early English gothic style (13th century), with pointed arches, and use of slender columns of Purbeck marble. Also characteristic of Early English are the tall narrow windows in the East wall (lancet windows). The lower windows in the side walls are of later style (Decorated Gothic, first half of the 15th Century). The sides of the nave contain a large number of tombs, and two well-decorated memorial chapels.

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