The Mountain Cathedral;

Many famous songs have been inspired by the melodies that Meloetta plays.

okay okay okay. seriously, i see this too many times and for some reason it just bothers me. people put way too much thought into being unfollowed. some people act like it’s meant to be a move solely against them that they’ve done something  W R O N G  or really, that the party unfollowing them did it to hurt them. then i see people telling people that’ve unfollowed them to fuck off, that they’re shit and just— i don’t understand that. and yes, it does sting a bit when someone unfollows you, but really the other person has a reason for it, and whatever that reason may be you should at least  R E S P E C T  them on it. and really, in my own experience, half, no, more than half of the time when someone unfollows me it’s someone deleting their whole blog so really it’s not even about you. basically, we all know it sucks, you can be mad about it but goodness stop acting like it’s an attack on you personally because it’s probably 98.9% not



you wanna go outside boy


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Punish the traitor…

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wow….i am. tired.


prison church’s altar