The Mountain Cathedral;


Pokemon Amie - Ho-oh

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…. WOW. Funniest thing is he won’t even try to take it off? he wiLL JUST STAY SMILING LOOKING UP AT IT…))


take my hat; I take your finger


desu phantom … best pHANTOM WHY CANT HE BE CUTE LIKE THAT? 

After the Show



Bailey jumped, grabbing tight onto the rail out of reflex so as not to fall forward. This man’s outbursts were going to give her a heart attack. Now she definitely knew that she had said too much. Her expression fell to one of concern at Phantom’s finishing statement. That didn’t sound good, it didn’t sound good at all.

There was a silence from the woman as Phantom’s laughter trailed on. Finally she brought herself up to her feet, balacing the soles of her feet on the catwalk railing. She stepped along the metal piping, using her telekinesis to keep herself balanced. “Don’t get me wrong, Phantom. I’m all for happy reuions and dramatics.” She chuckled a bit to herself. “I’m an actress, afterall.” She turned on a heel, pacing the other way. “But,” And this was a long, drawn out but. “Knowing what I know, I probably can’t let you do whatever it is you’re planning on doing.”

Bailey stopped, facing the audience, and more importantly, Phantom once again. “Call yourself lucky, though!” She laughed. Sweeping her arms out beside her, the woman gave a low bow. “You’re one of the few people who will get a free performance from Bailey LaRou herself!~”


Phantom’s eyes narrowed at her as she walked. His grin was back on his face, and looked like it was staying for good. But this time… he looked curious. Almost as if he was testing the waters. Whatever she had meant by that, he was gonna get ready. 

He could feel adrenaline pumping trough his veins. It had been so long since he felt that. Too long, in fact. Oh, the thrill! Was she gonna pick a fight? Oh no, that wouldn’t be a good option. He didn’t have anything but his sword on him! Being locked down that filthy temple for so long put him out of practice with his powers… All he ever needed there was telekinesis to move small things around… and keep the ones locked with him chained properly. 

"A performance… you say?" He chuckled, looking at her with curious eyes. 

"What EVER do you mean…?"



The first thing she saw of the figure were those eyes, ones that she had seen past the lights just a minute ago. They were… much brighter than she had thought. Her own narrowed for a moment, adjusting to the lack of lighting so she actually see who it was beside the curtains. Definitely wasn’t an actor here and the outfit looked like he had walked right through the costume rack backstage.

There were a lot of bells ringing right now.

"Little kitten…" She wasn’t that- well okay, yeah she was pretty short, but that’s probably not what he even meant. The tone he held caused Aimèe to grab hold of the old, metal railing beside her, almost checking to see if it was actually sturdy. A little wobbly- and then the hand quickly went back to her side. "Excuse me, but it’s you that shouldn’t be up here." Actually, how did he get up here in the first place without making much sound? Was he really that light? From this distance Aimèe couldn’t tell.

"A shame? You make it sound like I would fall.” Challenging you there Phantom.


Phantom continued to chuckle, watching her as she grabbed on to the railing to check it. While she did so, his eyes trailed to the catwalk, examining every part of it. How curious… 

His eyes quickly shot back to her, and he continued to chuckle. She was… actually considering what he said. That was a first. 

"Do I? I am just WARNING you of the risks!" He laughed. "You know… Back in my day… THEATERS had none of these!" He ignored the fact she had reminded him of the fact he wasn’t allowed to be back here. Up here… 

"Those bright… LIGHTS. We had to MAKE due of what we had!" he chuckled. "It was hard illuminating a WHOLE stage that way." He grinned wider, jumping off where he was and landing on the cat walk, right in front of her. The sound of his heels hitting the metal was loud, but there was really not that much movement or vibrations felt when he landed. Someone his side would have had to make a bigger impact… 

"And…. while this THING may be strong…" he whispered as he pressed his fingers upon Aimèe’s forehead, pushing her back towards the stairs. 

"YOU could fall yourself!" 


I’m completely fine why would you ever ask such a thing? *SARCASM. At its best, by yours truly. *

We were fighting. Okay so I tried to hit her with a rock big deal. The bitch stole something from me, and turns out she doesn’t even have it anymore. I hate her so much. You know, I wish I did.

*Alba waved back seeing as he wasn’t a threat and just stood there.* What? Alba? She’s a limpy noodle squid, what could she do? *Waves her hand and sits up.* But sure whatever, where even is this place?

*She stood up tugging at her collar.* Electric collars? Never heard of them? U dumb idiot.


I’m just asking because you keep twitching. 

Hmmm…. Maybe we can find a replacement? I work in trading… I could help you find stuff. -shrugs- With any luck, we could see if she sold it off somewhere. Maybe you could get it back that way… Tho we would have to find out where she left it or sold it at the first time. 

Hey, you never know. Sometimes people surprise you. -shrugs- There’s one not that far from here. It’s in (-insert name here wow good RPer go me-). We can walk there if you want. Weather’s nice anyway… 

….What…. why would they put that on you?



"Oh what a beautiful rainy day it is~" she said with a sigh, holding onto her umbrella as she watched the rain fall around her.

"You think so?" Came a voice from up above. "Rain like this is totally worth the trouble of getting yourself soaked!" 

The tornadus grinned as he lowered himself a top his cloud to a more comfortable eye level with her.