The Mountain Cathedral;
After the Show



Ooooh, so this was going to be one of those situations. Bailey rolled her eyes. Fantastic. The theater often attracted these types. Someone consumed a little too much of something and wanted to play Opera Ghost, Bailey figured. She glanced back behind her to the light coming from the dressing room. Her phone was in her purse, and bolting to grab it to call for help probably wouldn’t be the best course of action. She would have to handle the situation herself.

Bailey noticed the man taking steps in her direction, and she nervously took more steps away. Whether he was a random drunk or something else altogether, he still set off alarms in the young woman’s head, and she would prefer to keep her distance.

Listening to the man left Bailey feeling like someone were giving her lines. It felt like something out of a show, like she were expected to break into the next musical number soon. “Ah..well..y-yes, the old Castelia Opera houses were quite a sight…u-um..” she paused, forming her words carefully. Never knew what would set these people off. “..but I’m afraid you can’t really…stroll down memory lane here.”

His loud cackle made Bailey jump, almost stumbling back. She caught herself, raising a brow to the stranger. Nobody was going to believe this in the morning. Not a single one of them. Still, she wished she could at least call for someone’s aid, she didn’t want to spend more time alone with creepy shadowy intruders more than absolutely necessary.


Phantom stood quiet for a moment, He didn’t move either. He finished for her to stop talking, and then stood silent. Yes… She was right. He couldn’t stay here much longer… He had been caught, after all. 

"Forgive me, fair lady…" he began to speak a short while after. "Of course… I shouldn’t STAY here long…!" He began, and slowly, he began to lift his head. 

"It’s just so hard to keep YOUSELF away from things you’ve dedicated your WHOLE LIFE to, you know?" As he finished speaking, he lifted his head completely. His old hat no longer covered his face, and his painfully wide, permanent grin was revealed, along side his deep, dark void-like eyes. The very small blue pupil glowed in the darkness, and he began to laugh again. 

"But it has been a PLEASURE to be allowed even these short SECONDS here!" 



Dirk! *panicked entei noises mixed with angry entei noises*


Haha, Don’t worry sir! I’m fiiine! -grins- Just gonna take a shower to clean the cuts, and I’ll be ready to go! -grins even wider and gives him a thumbs up-


I’ve asked you not to call me sir *huffs* You sure as hell are not! Well, you are but you are also getting treated, young man *a chuckle at the implied joke* Now go wash those woulds before they get infected or I’ll have to cauterize them *big grin*


Ah, Sorry sorry! It’s just a bit hard, haha. I’m used to it… But I’ll try to change, Cinder. 

Okay, okay! I’ll get them all cleaned up in no time. -stands up, wobbling a bit- 

After the Show



Although she was quite used to her share of creepy people in her other line of work, this guy sent chills down poor Bailey’s spine. The way his voice faltered, made Bailey jump. She took a defensive step back, the orb of light expanding around her hand to bring more light to the room. She was pretty sure that all of the front doors had been locked after the last patron left, as they usually were, and only the single backstage door remained open. Did he get in through there? Someone must have spotted him. 

Bailey’s eyes traced up and down the figure, trying to fit the pieces together. He didn’t look like anyone familiar, and Bailey took pride in knowing most of the players of the theater game. She couldn’t even tell what he was from this angle. Then again, with the only real light coming form her psychic aura, many details were hard to make out.

She found herself unable to respond for a moment or so, a bubble of anxiety sitting at the base of her throat. With a quick inhale, Bailey nodded her head towards the exit. “Well, that’s all well and good, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

So far the stranger didn’t seem to be hostile, but still Bailey kept a defensive position. Getting away wasn’t a problem for the young woman, it was a skill she was quite good at, actually. However, curiosity kept her planted in her spot, compelled to see more of this mysterious trespasser.


With that, Phantom began to chuckle. A broken laugh, as jumpy as his speech, in that deep voice of his. He looked around once more, not really paying much attention to what she was doing, but listening to her nonetheless. 

"I ASSURE you, I have no intentions of staying here." He said in a calmer voice. Lucky for him, the side she was moving to was the side covered by his hair. He would have to make sure it stayed covering it, tho… That scar sometimes seemed to creep people out more than his void eyes and ever grinning mouth. Not that he blamed them… It was pretty gross, wasn’t it? Hmm. Nothing some stage makeup couldn’t fix. If only he could get his hands on some… No matter. 

"You know, I once owned an OPERA house like this. It was rather successful, yes…" He gave a few steps forwards to where she was, lowering his head to allow his hat to cover his face. 

"Beautiful shows, beautiful VOICES echoing the stage room…." He began humming again, accompanied by an occasional snickering."It was a thing to be witnessed!" He continued, moving slowly closer to Bailey. As he was caught up in his memories, he began to wobble as he walked. With his visible underweight, and long, thin arms, legs, and fingers, he almost looked like a tree being pushed around by the wind. 

"Your VOICE" He said, in a rougher voice. "Is just as beautiful as that of my performers…! How I would have LOVED to have you sing with them…!" He stopped, slowly lifting his hand to his chin, which was partly covered by his hat. "Ah… But they’re long DEAD I believe! 200 or so years ago!" He laughed, that same cut cackle now booming. He seemed to be too caught up on his own speech and memories. 

Dirk! *panicked entei noises mixed with angry entei noises*

Haha, Don’t worry sir! I’m fiiine! -grins- Just gonna take a shower to clean the cuts, and I’ll be ready to go! -grins even wider and gives him a thumbs up-


Well at least he wasn’t angry with her. Breathing out a sigh, Ribbon ‘stood’ up straight only to fly back about a foot when she saw just how close Phantom was. This guy either moved really quick, or he was just that silent. Must be the silent part. Just why did this guy grin so wide anyway? And that eye-

"A-Ah, well… what is there to say?" Honestly she had no idea. Ribbon was just a fairy, nothing really all that special. "Is there… anything specific you want to know?" 


"Everything." He said, still grinning as always. 

"Your… home land. Your power…" he chuckled, moving his head away just a bit. 

"I want to know… What this world I been FORCED away from has to offer…!" He grinned further, tho this time… the grin seemed almost malicious. Not to her… but to his last statement. 

Needless to say, it was all just his fantasy. He knew fully well he would never be able to harm another in the ways he did before… not with her looking over his shoulder…




Don’t call me a child. I may not be as old as you, old fart, but I’m not a fucking kid. -MUMBLE grumble- And look who’s talking. 

Tsk. Like YOU’RE any fun to talk to, old man. Your insults and your general way of existing are so annoying. You’re no treat to talk to either, Finbar. 

You obviously don’t know my master if you think this is how things work. And in case you’re wondering, my potion business is actually successful, thank you very much. 

Lord Faust is a great master. It’s an honor to work under him, and I do have my freedom. If I did not, I wouldn’t be here wasting my time with you, would I? -huffs- 

You have the mentality of a child, get over yourself, Trevor. *He frowned refraining from hitting him in the head with his cane. Instead he squeezed it in his hand.*

Give me a good reason why I’m annoying? I am not as hard headed as yourself. Your general presence is loathsome. Yet here you are. *He looked at his hand nonchalantly.* Taking up our precious time.

Of course not. *He made a face and shrugged.* I’ve never met him you ingrate. I didn’t know you were alive in the first place—- pBFT— I am sorry, forgive me.. I just… PFBFT.. *He covered his face with his hand and tried his best not to laugh but he couldn’t help it.* You actually think your potions are any good? If they were as good as you said I would have seen them by now. I would have heard of you earlier. Well made potions get passed around quick.

To think you would be successful. *He covers his mouth as he muffles a laugh.* Pardon me— haha. *Rubs his eyes slightly smearing his make-up.* That was a good one.

I believe we’re both wasting our time here. The sight of you sickens me. *He shrugs.* It’ll only be better when you finally die.


Whatever. Sorry I’m not as high and mighty as you, your highness. -FROWNS in disgust- 

Oh, where do we start? Are you asking me that in all seriousness? Tsk. The way you act like you’re more than others. The way you walk, the way you SPEAK, the way you always try to push others down below you… it’s disgusting. You may be a legendary, but you’re no better than the rest of us. Not unless you work yourself into that position. 

-Rolls his eyes- Yes. I believe they are good once they hit general stores. You haven’t heard of them because they’re too fucking common now a days. You may have heard of stuff like revival herbs, healing powders? When you mix that up, you get powerful potions that can be sold anywhere. So yes, despite your pompous attitude, Finbar, I do have my success. Unlike you. 

Yes, despite you, I have important things to get back to. Unlike you getting back to your freakshow that no one’s ever even heard of. What was it’s name again? I came across it on my research, but Finbar isn’t that of an uncommon name. Didn’t wanna believe someone…. like you, was still around. 


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